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Soft, Fluffy Pull-Aparts

These pull aparts are so wonderfully soft and fluffy. They surprisingly stayed moist despite being pulled at and left uncovered for hours.

These fluffers go well with good ole plain salted butter. I eat mine with butter and chocolate sprinkles  because i just happen to have it around.

On second thoughts, I always have chocolate sprinkles around.It is pretty much  a staple at my home. It’s  probably the only thing my family members reach for to go with their white sandwich bread, besides Nutella.

Too bad we ran out of Nutella, and i had to settle for second best.


For those of u without choc sprinkles, here are some other ideas:

Peanut butter,

Strawberry jam,

or a slice of cheddar

Or Nutella…. (well, the list is pretty much endless..)

Recipe is from an Indonesian Baking Book titled : 100 Resep kue & Roti by Lanny Soecha

Ingredients I:

500 gr bread flour

50gr sugar

50 gr milk powder

7.5 gr instant yeast

3 gr bread improver

Ingredients II:

3 egg yolks

250 ml iced water

Ingredients III:

75 gr margarine

1 tsp salt

Ingredients IV ( beat together):

250 gr butter

125 gr icing sugar

50 ml sweetened condensed milk

Ingredient V:

evaporated milk ( For glazing)

1. Mix Ingredients I & II till well combined. Add Ingredients III and knead till the dough is no longer sticky and is elastic.

2. Add a little oil into the dough and shape it round. Let proof for 20 minutes.

3. Deflate the dough, divide it into little rounds, each weighing 30 grams. Shape the mini doughs into elongated rolls. Brush each roll with Ingredients IV.  Assemble the rolls into a 20cm x 20 cm square tin that has been lightly greased.

4. Let proof for a second time for 1 hour. Brush the surface of each roll with Ingredients V

5. Bake at 175 degree Celcius for 25 minutes, or till the surface is golden brown. Remove tin from oven. Remove bread from tin to cool

6. Serve each roll with Ingredients IV or whatever u fancy.

Okay, above are my feeble attempts at translating, i apologize. Please do bear with me.

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