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Montana Mountain Cupcakes

Here are three components that made up this cupcake

Coffee, Caramel and Chocolate.

Did i convince u to make them yet?

The frosting was definitely a winner here. It was beaten to a pretty, glossy and stiff consistency and was able to form perfect little mounds when scooped onto the cupcakes. The coffee in the icing was very prominent. It imparted an aromatic and a slight bitter taste to the traditionally way-too-sweet plain 7 meringue icing.

Yes 7 minute meringue icing, it is fat free, cause its all egg whites! Okay, let’s just ignore about the sugar content in meringue icing. For now.

Brown sugar was used  for the caramel flavour for this frosting. But i guess the coffee was too strong to let the caramel flavor shine. No one is complaining though. The coffee keeps our tastebuds and sense of smell busy enough.

As for the cake, nah.. definitely not in my top 10 list for the best chocolate cake. The chocolate flavour was pretty weak, and the texture was kinda chewy.. too chewy. The texture reminds me of those steamed chinese cakes. Or one of those eggless cakes with irregular holes and which rely on baking soda to rise.

Will i be making this again? hmm.. maybe not the cake. But the frosting. oh YEAH!

Recipe is from Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Dessert

Frosting recipe can be found HERE

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