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Sponge Cake with Fermented Cassava

This is not your average sponge cake.. No sire, this cake has a lil extra ingredient, the fermented cassava, or better known as “tape”.

Tape is commonly served as a dessert here in Indonesia. It  is characterised by a unique distinctive sweet – sour taste, and a slight alcoholic aroma. To me, it tastes like something that has gone rather rancid.

Fortunately, the peeps in my office are so exposed to the tape that they took no second thought sinking their teeth into the cake. And fortunately, the tape didn’t impart too much of it’s flavour into the cake. In fact, it was so mild that it was almost missable. 😉

I guess the point of using the tape is to keep the cake moist and soft. Just like bananas in a banana cake. The further along the ripening process in the fruit, or in this case, the tuber (is cassava even a tuber?) the better it is for the cake.

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