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Salted Peanut Butter Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

Whew, the title itself is pretty much a mouthful isn’t it?

And, did i say salted? ewww?

Don’t worry much, everything will fall into places. *keeps fingers crossed*

These cookies have got three processes to it.

1. Chop and toast nuts
2. Bake and shape peanut butter cookies


3. Make caramel.

I havent really mastered the fine art of making caramel. But from reading various sites, and watching various videos from the WWW, i know there is delicate science involved.

So i got out the thickest and most shallow pan, which happens to be a humongous chinese cooking wok ( Geez, have u seen the size and felt the weight of it??). Poured my sugar, water, corn syrup, salt and watched the sugar cooking process like a paranoid hawk.

Oh, and i placed a piece of deep fried chicken beside me. Just because the instructions called for the caramel to turn a “golden brown” before adding the cream. It’s sort of my colour indicator. Dont judge.

It did work like a charm though. No crystallisation, no burnt spots, nothing, But creamy creamy chewy caramel. Thank You fried Chicken!

The processes following it were pretty breezy. Stir nuts into said creamy creamy chewy caramel and spoon it into the pre-indented p.b cookies. and voilaa!!

Try it!

Ps: I sprinkled couple grains of seasalt onto each cookie. Just cause everyone seems to be doing that.. Adding salt to caramel. I didnt really need to do that, cause my caramel was pre-salted. DOH!

Recipe from HEREE

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