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Chicken and Potato pie

Believe me or not, but i do eat other stuffs apart from desserts.

I came across this blogpost a few years ago, but shelved it aside cause it involves rolling pie dough.

And back then, i had a mortal fear of that task.

Fast forward a few years later, we arrive at present day.

I did my homework and I paid my dues.

I sweated over sticky doughs,

i cursed over dry, cracked doughs

and wept over inedible doughs that fed the bin

But i persisted and have gotten somewhat more comfortable with the task of rolling dough.

And today, like a grown up, i came back and took the challenge i dismissed a few years ago.

And as if that wasn’t enough, my leap to maturity was further reinforced by filling these pies with ReaL Food.

Real food in the form of chicken, potatoes and fro-vegs. None of those fancy chocolate, cream, or custard dessert pies.

These are wholesome meal pies. Sensible and adult-worthy.

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