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Fruit Pastry Cake

With all the raves that’s been going on about this cake, i couldn’t turn a blind eye to it.
Type the words fruit pastry cake and u will see many, many, many versions of it.

And it doesnt hurt one bit that this cake, in however way u choose to decorate it, always turns out so effortlessly pretty.

So, this morning, i decided to hop on the bandwagon…

It was a good decision.

This cake delivers everything that the other food bloggers promised – Soft, moist, tender crumbed and …. sweet..

too sweet in fact.

No biggie with that. Just hold back on the sugar and we are good to go.

Although it’s almost a norm to use blueberries, strawberries and peach, i deviated a wee bit by using pineapples.

Aside from that,i followed adhered strictly to the recipe.

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