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We taste like the rainbow too!

These buns are baked. Not fried…

That means you can eat another one. Or another four or five..

Then u would want to pack them up to bring to the office. Because you want to share the love with your co- workers.

Or because you couln’t trust yourself with the remaining buns.

Besides being inherently yummy, these buns are also a breakthrough. If u’ve ever baked bread before, you would know about the direct relationship between the  yeast lifespan and the flavour from the final bread.The longer u let the little organisms thrive, the yummier ur bread gets.

But with these buns, i experimented with yogurt. The slightly sour taste from yogurt seems to emulate the flavour that comes from aged yeasts. As u can guess, no overnight sponge was needed for this buns. Definitely for a spur- of- the- moment baking itch!

Try it:

300 gr Bread Flour

100 gr AP

20 gr milk powder

75 gr sugar

8 g instant yeast

1 egg, lightly beaten

50 gr yoghurt

150 ml cold water

75 gr butter

1 tsp salt

For Glazing:

Evaporated milk

1. Mix the flours,  milk powder, sugar and instant yeast

2. Add egg, youghurt, and water gradually while mixing. Knead till u get a shaggy dough. Add in butter and salt. Knead till elastic. Let proof for 30 minutes.

3. Punch down dough and scale it to 30 gr pieces. Shape it round.

4. Proof for 70 mins, glaze with milk

5. Bake at 190 degree C for 12 mins

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