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Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares

This is kind of dessert you know u should share around,

yet, you just can’t stop eating them.

I had every intention to set aside at least half of this batch of squares, and give it away to the good people at work.

Well, that didn’t happen cause between my family members, they disappeared in record time.

I don’t blame them (or us), really, cause in our defence, they are pretty flat and it takes just a couple more, or maybe 5 or 6, of them to satisfy that cravings.

These are actually your peanut butter cups, in a bar form.

I guess i don’t have to go on and on to how wonderful they are.

Cause everyone knows and probably loves PB cups.

Oh Baby Bars

Adapted from eatliverun.com

makes about 48 small bars

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 1/3 cup powdered sugar

1/4 cup butter, softened

3/4 cup creamy peanut butter

7 ounces milk chocolate

4 ounces semi-sweet chocolate

1 T butter

Blend together the brown sugar, powdered sugar, butter and peanut butter until it reaches a smooth paste-like consistency. Press into the bottom of a nine by thirteen inch pan.

Melt the chocolate with the tablespoon of butter over very low heat (or in a microwave). Pour melted chocolate over the peanut butter crust and stick in the fridge for an hour to harden.

Cut into squares and serve!

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  1. February 7, 2011 at 7:41 am

    Gorgeous simply gorgeous

  2. February 7, 2011 at 8:27 am

    Mmmm these look delicious! They remind me of Reese’s peanut butter cups (my favorite chocolate!), but in square form. I’ll have to try this sometime!

  3. February 7, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    irresistible! Can you see I am salivating in front of my lappy! Kekeke 🙂

  4. February 7, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    Ohhhh, these would be *so* dangerous in my house! I know no one who could resist these–brilliant that they are in bar form. They look so delicious…also the no-bake factor–highly appealing!

  5. February 7, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    I love these bars. I’m new to your blog and have spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I really love the food and recipes you feature here. I’ll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  6. February 7, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    These look really fantastic! I can’t think of a better pair then peanut butter and chocolate!

  7. February 7, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    Chocolate and peanut butter…YUM

  8. February 7, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    These look lovely!

  9. February 9, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    hi, this is simply irresistible!! peanut butter is so addictive..yum!

  10. February 20, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    I featured this in my Weekly Favourites post http://the-red-deer.blogspot.com/2011/02/weekly-favourites_20.html

  11. February 20, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    these are totally up my alley too — a huge fan of PB & chocolate together.

  12. April 13, 2011 at 9:09 am

    These look just delicious! Can’t wait to try making them mmmm

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