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Meet the new popstar: Rainbow Pop!

July 24, 2013 4 comments

After my mini success with the homemade sprinkles, i was hooked.

Baby Cait is at an impressionable age where her senses and motoric skills are developing and need to be stimulated.

So when Eugenie of Eugenie kitchen came up with her Rainbow Pop, I couldnt be more delighted.

rainbow pop 1

This rainbow pop has got colors that captivate and freezing temperature to excite. And it’s made from 100%fruits with NO sugar, coloring, jello, or any other fancy shmancy.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. All it takes is a little bit of time, effort and creativity.

And here’s a little “Cait comics” I made. It’s her first experience with a popsicle!

cait popsicle final 1

Rainbow Pop is made of

Watermelon Juice,

Orange Juice,

Pineapple Juice

Kiwi Juice

and Blueberry Juice




The Rabbits and the Lamb Buns

April 23, 2011 8 comments

Instead of making Hot Cross Buns to celebrate Easter this year, i made  these bun(nies)

This bunny definitely taste better than rabbit foods.

And they are pretty easy to make too.

It started with a dough looking like this.

I have stuffed a generous ball of Pineapple Jam within the rabbit head and a line of the same jam along the ears.

See the ball of golden pineapple jam? (Sorry wabbit for the surgery)

As for the facial features, i just melted a bit of chocolate and drew them on.

Pretty easy right?

And since i was already on the hare-y journey, i have decided to get acquainted to another hairy friend.

The lamb

Unlike the bunnies, big guy here is pretty huge.

Each bunny is made of one ball of dough (pictured on the right), weighing 35 grams. So u can pretty much imagine how many bunnies it would make to make up Big guy here.

Anyways after baking in the hot oven, big guy here gets lotioned with good moisturising mayonnaise,

The hairy business comes next

I have used Chicken floss for “hair”.

While this lamb may look all fluff and airy without much substance, i promise you that it is not. Because within each ball of dough, i have fitted a mini sausage.

Like  so.

And as usual, i have used my bun recipe to make the dough for this.

Happy Easter everybuddy!