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Of sweating chocolate, hot weather, and bad chinese handwriting

From the title above, you can see that this post will not be a very happy one. Lots of hiccups went along the making of this cake. Lots.

Let me gripe, bear with me or just skip the next couple of paragraphs.

Hiccup #1 – After successfully separating 6 eggs, i broke ONE egg yolk over my pool of egg whites and contaminated the whole batch.. Great. Now i gotta re-crack another 6 eggs. No biggie right? Except i dont have 6 extra eggs on hands.

Hiccup #2- After all the egg white drama and a short trip to the grocery store, i finally have my pristine batch of egg whites in my mixing bowl.

Next step, add a tsp of Cream of Tartar. Okays, easy enuff, i thought dumping the white stuff into my egg whites.

Except it wasn’t cream of tartar in my hands. It was baking powder. I suppose i could have fished the baking powder out while still salvaging my egg whites, but i knew for a fact that egg whites have to be squeaky clean and uncontaminated when it is to be beaten to peaks.

And i wasn’t in the mood to experiment the effect of baking powder on the beating of egg whites. at least not today

BACK TO square ONE. I re- cracked my eggs again for the third time, feeling super frustrated at the amount of eggs i wasted. Damn, this cake better be worth all these effort!

Hiccup #3- fast forward to the point where i was popping the cake batter into the oven. By this time, I was so glad that all active part in the making of the cake was done. Now it’s up to the oven to do its thing while i take my deserved break.
I was so eager to leave my sweltering kitchen. Too eager in fact that i forgot to set the little timer. And it turns out, i am not so hot in judging whether a cake is done or not. I guess i might have removed the cake from the oven a tad too early, resulting in a soggy cake with a sticky top.

At this stage, i am SO not gonna go back to stage one and re-crack my eggs again all over again! Onwards i proceeded with my less than perfect cake with the frosting stage. No crazy mishaps thankfully. The baking fairy must have finally taken sympathy at my sorry state..
or at the remaining eggs that are at the mercy of being cracked into unfunctional states. Just like their predecessors.

I frosted like a madwoman, chocolate fudge in my hands, arms, hands and face. I held my breath and steadied my fingers as i attempted to write the chinese wordings on it. The wordings didnt turn out perfect. But at least they were the right words and they were legible. Now that was over with, came the less nervewrecking stage of decorating the top of the cake with strawberries and oranges.

Now now, The cake was not set to be delivered till the next day. Which means, it gets to stay overnight. The question is where?? In a hot and humid room? or in a cool, temperature controlled refrigerator?

Hot and humid room doesnt sound like such a good idea for my soggy, slightly underbaked spongecake. In fact, it sounds like a perfect bacterial playground.

Yet, a cool refrigerator will definitely cause a sweaty chocolate finish after it has been removed from its controlled cool climate.

I chose the second option. For i care about the well beings of the people who eat this cake more than its presentation.

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